Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Basing More Fantasy Units

Figures arrive, paint, highlight and base for my Fantasy Armies: to the left is a shot of,  demonics left and right with bad guy guardsmen in between. Base grass and bits to add, as well as the back edge gets unit label.

Here are some of my Druid's Army units, animated trees and wild wood folk. Picture below, on the right is a Dryad unit, on the left of the shot are giant Wasps.. nasty things.
Thought is was time to add some Dragonic units so here they are, left and right are melee units with a caster group in the center that will act similar to a war machine for range effect, but siege engines are sooo dull to look at!


  1. Do you find it hard to keep the labels stuck on due to the 'rough' texture of the ground material?

    I was shown one tip from the naval wargamers:

    Build up a ridge at the back of the base in either ply or plasti-card and only fill up to that with the base gunk:


    Where ~ is gunk, - is the plasti-card and = is the normal base

    You then apply the label to the card and it remains in place a lot lot better.


  2. If you click on the pictures you will see that the back edge of the base is green but clean of the smeared pre grassing kel seal texture. I use white glue to adhere the labels down to the clean edge then coat the textured area with pva glue and then flock it.