Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished Concertina Wire piece

Finally got one mounted up on its base. Thinking of filing down some small nails to put in and paint up as the type of metal rods they put in the rolls of wire if they had the time to. The rods kept the wire from being blown out of position or dragged away easily.


  1. Looks good, too bad we are attacking on Friday. Perhaps the next time we are on defense.

  2. If you can, get some 'Plastruct' or 'Evergreen' angle-iron rod, we used to pull Danet-wire rolls out with what are known as 'Iron Pickets', angle iron (steel) rods which come in 8, 6, 4 and 2 foot lengths, sliding one picket into each end and walking away from each other, shaking the wire out from time to time.

    Pre-drilled with 5-mil holes at about 10 inch intervals to enable tying with pieces of 8-gauge smooth wire, or - if you're in a hurry - G10 telephone land-line cable (two-core loose-twisted black plstic coated multi-fillament copper wire, unchanged since before WWII and still in daily use in the sand-pit).

    Flat cut tops for hammering, with two or three barbs on the two edges and a pointed base (modern ones are less likely to have barbs, German ones had more).

    The 8 and 6 foot sections are used for wire entanglements, revetting the inner walls of trenches and defense works and providing the strength in the roofs or 'overhead protection' of shelter-bays attached to trenches, and the bigger support-weapon bunkers. The two foot lengths were used to windlass the 6 ft. ones from outside, preventing the walls from collapsing again using 8-gauge, the 4 foot ones were used for low-wire entanglements and all jobs when you ran out of the other three, or the REMF's failed to deliver them!!!

    PS; The wire you've been doing the last couple of weeks really looks the dogs-b******s!

  3. I look forward to the challenge at the friday night game. Have worked up attack plans alpha and beta, assembled my forces and have a few surprises in store for the Consti forces to experience! Plus picked up new ticket books for all the police officers to use!