Friday, September 3, 2010

Alternate Tree Making Sites and Other Useful Sites

Thought I would take a moment and link some alternate tree making sites, mainly for "bottle brush" pine trees, but I digress:

Oh and here is the answer to your furniture needs:

Heres a site to show you how to mix and match parts of the plastic furniture in a zillion different ways to make nearly every conceivable type of household dust catcher:   scroll down, its a very long article.

There are several stores that carry them, anyone can post a comment with a link to any US or UK stores, please do.

Here is a site that has a list of Barrels and Crates made by nearly 30 different manufacturers, should give you a brief description of what they carry so you can follow up to their site and be pre armed with the product ID number or key words to search and locate them faster.

How to do Static Grass and Make a static Grass applicator for a few dollars:   Part 1   Part 2


  1. See also this illustration;


  2. I added a direct link to your article Tony!