Friday, September 17, 2010

Garden Bushes

Found an old cactus that I kept tossing around as an idea for I didnt know what, till I thought to cut the top off and then cut off rows of the "thorns" . Next I applied contact cement to the upper half of each row of thorn tops, and used scenic foilage small clumpings to press onto the glued tops, let them dry. A piece of light plastic for the base. I chose to hot glue the lines of bushes down after painting some brown on the still showing thorns material.  Attaching the lines to the base, I chose to hot glue them for quick setting as the cut pieces were not very straight and tended to have a curve near the old top of the cactus.
Bottom last shot shows a close up with a 28mm figure for scale. The green toppings of the bushes are clear of the ground for a diffrent look to the garden plot.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed reading about this piece of terrain and how you have utilised the cactus. In addition I think your modelling of the bushes is very well done.

    Thanks for the post.