Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Reinforcments Arrived

Troll and Toad did a restock... order order ..... 

More monstrous creatures, I will be ascribing Blade, spear or Pike qualities to some of these, don't want to many "small monsters" all the time!
Top left, mostly sorceresly impressed creatures, Top Right some undead, Centaur cavalry and a few more monstrous creatures. Below left are my Tharks to be for Mars VSF, at 30 of them after a year of culling the Internet, about another 30 to go. Have to make Radium rifles, pistols and the like for some of them, ditch some of the shields etc.


  1. Again a huge number of miniatures waiting for some basing! Where do you store all those armies?

  2. I have plastic tote trays that are about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, nearly 9 inches deep. I build a mid shelf into them so I can use the bottom and the upper shelf to hold 100 60x60 based units. I don't have a tote of them in front of me at the moment for the size but I recall I can get 96 in if I'm careful!