Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kaptain Kneemo's Expeditionary Forces Assembled

So with the flight to Venus coming closer it was time to set the scenic terrain pieces aside and assemble the massed forces I have been assembling to serve Kaptain Kneemo. Not located in the supply depot for this shot was the 4 Mechanical Attack Flyers and 2 Light walker tanks, that are hiding somewhere in plain sight I'm sure.
Top left  has an overview of the entire force minus the 4 flyers. Up front will be 2 more flyers converted from mechanical dragon flys, thinking they will be bombers of some sort. Tank is to get a snorkel pipe and cylinder tanks of as yet undetermined type. Robot attack dog as a personal body guard for Kneemo. Mechanical Infantry on the right, from front to back; Submersibles Mechanicals 10, standard mechanical  infantry 20, melee infantry mechanicals 20.

Top Right shows the shipboard troops available so far, 30 Sailors and 30 Marines, though I plan to double these numbers with a new order. Total forces available should hit 170 Infantry, 4 flyers, 4 vehicles. May come up with some sort of hover power sleds or some other sort of scout/troop carrier.

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