Sunday, September 26, 2010

ACW2 Engagement

Defender; protect the town from evil doers, Attackers, Rob the Bank.

 So, here's the town, all nice and peaceful, a few civilians wandering about in the early morning light, going about their business. Photo to the right  shows the brown bank building behind the black and red truck. In the lower corner is an ever vigilant truck with 50 cal machine gun helping "keep the peace". Across the street from the bank in the white building is Madam's House of Comfort for Wayward Soldiers of the Revolution.  Scattered about town were various defending nationalist units on R&R.

 The bank robbers occupied the house next to the bank and sent in 20 thugs to "aquire funding for the cause".  A teller came running out of the bank screaming it was being robbed. Not clear on who was who , the nationalist troops did not open fire immediately, until 1 squad exited the back of the bank and the other came out the front.  The front came under fire from the truck mounted machine gun but they kept on running down the street. In the back, part of the robbers unit was gunned down from an Armored car, a daring do officer wielded his 2 machine pistols and blazed away, at least one of the heavy machine guns on the armored car fired at the bank, cutting down a teller...ooops.

 The police had placed a machine gun in the upstairs building seen here in the lower right of the right side picture. It opened fire on the robbers tracked truck, scoring multiple hits in its engine, setting it on fire. The remaining robbers figure to beat feet and sprinted down the road, encumbered by bags of looted cash. One of them was picked off by a well placed rifle shot, the shooter casually added another notch to the stock of his rifle.  In the mean time the front door robbers sprinted down the street past the cat house, where the alerted (by all the gun fire) nationalist forces that had been attempting to raise the moral of the local girls, rushed to the windows and opened fire on the fleeing robbers.

Here, just when the front door gang thought they were in the clear, the rest of the cathouse brigade of liberation came out the back of the building and opened fire with sub machine guns, with deadly results, all of the remaining robbers were cut down. The transport of the robbers followed down the street and over the bodies of the fallen, though they claimed that they had tried to grab the hands of the wounded to pull them into the truck...

The remaining survivors of the escape out the back group came under some terribly inaccurate rifle fire from a police unit but suffered no effects other than to hasten their efforts to get away, which they did with a considerable amount of cash.

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  1. We’ll get that money back in the next engagement when we salvage their abandoned vehicles and take their newly purchased weapons from their cold dead hands. Great after action report!