Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Whole Swamp

Thought to take a picture of All the swamp pieces on a single table, in this case a Card Table:
Table is roughly 3 foot x 3 foot in size, plenty of pieces that can be laid about on a 5 x 9 table. Thinking to make a bunch of 1x1 inch markers with grass on one side and numbers on the other;
2:4 or 3:6 etc for how much infantry and vehicles pay in movement distance to go 1 inch across the edges of the over all bases of the swamp pieces. Then these markers could be randomly applied next to each piece used so No one would have any idea, other than it would Probably have a penalty in movement speed.. hmmm at least one marker would be  0:0 meaning infantry and armor pay no penalty in that piece... hmmm.


  1. They look great overall - are you going to add any themed scenery (e..g vine laden trees , etc)?

    How about adding markers for deep water where units get stuck?


  2. I'm working up some 1.5 inch round markers, made from some old plastic money. One side is grassed like the terrain matt, the other will have two numbers; 1:1, 2:4, 4:8 and 8:16. First number is the rate of movement cost for infantry, the second is for Vehicles in inches lost per 1 inch of progress to cross the piece. These can be randomly drawn and placed per piece so no one knows how bad any single piece is. On the other hand the GM can declare a blanket penalty for the entire battlefield etc.