Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cytheran Ruins..Under construction and Finished Photos

Fast post of new project that will fill a missing terrain piece for our Venus VSF campaign.

Flower holder with spike removed. Figure is for scale. Next step is the collapsed portion of the structure. Lots more to fill in there of course, but have to wait for some of the Spackle to dry before trying to glue more bits to it. Will be covering a lot of the structure in creeping vines and other types of over growth. Danger may lurk in the husk of the tower!

Got a little more work done roughing in the basic ground structure as it were. Then applied spray paints and pva glue, put it in a box, dumped flocking in a couple inch deep. The pressed down firmly all over it to get the flocking mixed into the glue. I have, over time, found that pressing the flock down gets better coverage after shaking off the excess, than simply letting it dry and tapping it off.

The unmodified plastic flower holder in the back ground shows the size when lying down for comparison as to how I laid out the fallen tower pieces. A figure for scale is included, he may see some action tonight, maybe. When this is fully dry, glue and paint, I will launch into the putting creepers on with the hot glue gun. Then the jungle brush and ground creepers of course. The goal will be for them to be Very over grown. I am working up a few wires and other "interesting bits" to have just partially sticking up out from under fallen slabs of ancient technological items....

Now the finished shots:

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