Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Completed "Organic Artillery"

Usually Organic means included in the table of organization for a suitable sized brigade etc. My take on it was a little more... out there. So, I first had to scratch build 2 Gatling guns and 2 light artillery pieces to mount on my "self propelling units".
I successfully raided the styrene and bits box for items to assemble the assorted guns with. The mind control units are from space Marine jet packs. Not happy yet with the over all color scheme of the bugs and am open to suggestions.  Otherwise, not to bad for mind controlled, self propelled artillery "units".


  1. "GO here, shoot that and don't stop for grubs along the way solider!"

  2. Wondering what the firing penalty is if they, as giant fleas, jump and fire... lol.

  3. if that mind control devise fails you're going to end up with some soldiers looking like raisins ;)

    these are great!