Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rocket Exhaust, which to Use

Here's a shot of all 3 types of rocket exhaust I came up with:

One on the right is hot glue only, no paint. Second from the right with the khaki pants is central hot glue with some grey paint smeared on and let dry, then coated over with lots more hot glue. Finally on the 2 figures on the left are hot glue formed then painted with white/grey/black. Actual rocketters are in various stages of painting, I'm really, at this point, only considering which type of plume to use.

Post comments about which you prefer and why if any reader is so inclined, thanks.


  1. I like the center one best: semi clear with some grey.

    1. it looks the most realistic
    2. the fully painted has a fun comic book look to it, but pulls my eye more, making me look at the smoke more than the rocketeer, while the middle one doesn't: I think that's got the better desired effect.

  2. Have you tried just white with a touch of grey?

    If not I would vote for the left side ones.


  3. I'd vote for the center effect.

  4. I like the far left but however you do it they look like they will be awesome!