Monday, March 7, 2011

Rocketeers Part 2, Bases

Okay, so I was not thrilled with the heroclix see thru plastic peg stand on black, had to go. But, what to use? Run a wire up, paint it black? or Grey? Stopped, kicked back with a cup of coffee and thought what do rockets that are flying do? I mean their low tech, not super efficient... sooo they trail smoke.  !   !

First problem, what to make a smoke trail out of? Wire and cotton? Naw... thought about the muzzle flash I did out of Hot Glue.... Picture to the left shows the basic build up for the smoke trails.

This picture shows the smoke columns attached to the figures and their base. That was a bit tricky as they are currently being based on cardboard....funds are tight at the moment for metal, onwards. Filling in around the attachment points to give more support and more weight to the bottom of the figure to help hold it upright.

Final shot of the night has basic colors slapped on the smoke columns to give a better view of how they work and look. I can vary the heights to allow for the size of the figures, and can blend the bottom of the two smoke columns in the middle where they meet as well. Have to paint the proper uniform colors to match the standard colors I have selected for Kaptain Kneemo's forces.