Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finished Swamp Terrain Piece

Finished several sections of Swamp pieces. I kept the amount of foliage down to a minimum to facilitate placement of troops stands that will be placed on and around them yet blend in with some of my filler jungle pieces. Nothing like a deadline to get the work done.

Reflective surface of the watery areas works pretty well. Thought I might have to use some Woodland Scenics Water or something but feel the existing surface will work out fine.


  1. Avoid the Scenic Water like the plague - more problems than it is worth between shrinking, cloudy and bubbles I am still trying to sort one 'pond' out after 4 months!

    Have a look at my big board build for the last issue on LAF


  2. Hmmmm shrinking, cloudy and bubbles.. great swamp stuff, but terrible for ponds, lakes and river water I agree.