Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Venus Terrain Update

Since the lower lands of Venus for the Campaign will be swampy, I set out to create some fast, easy swamp pieces that will cover lots of ground, cheaply.  A 2x4foot sheet of textured florescent lighting cover was only 5$. I broke it into odd shapes, and rounded the corners with a set of heavy scissors. Next step was to lay them out, spray the edge, couple of inches where possible, in green, center areas is blues and browns.
Here is a picture of the stack of bases that I broke, trimmed and sprayed in about half an hours time. Next step was to break out the flocking and PVA glue. Some time was spent squeezing a ring of glue around the edge of each piece, then using my finger to spread the glue. Placing a glue ready piece on a disposable flat surface piece of cardboard I heaped green flocking onto the white glued areas, then used the side of the Closed glue bottle to roll press the flocking into the white glue. Inverting the piece immediately I tapped the excess flocking off. Rinse and repeat each piece.

Here is a shot of the pieces ready for the next step, adding bits of grassy knolls to the wet areas and some foliage bits around the edges and centers. Such foliage as I add will be very low and sturdily attached so that I can store all the pieces by simply stacking them one on top of the other, to minimize the overall amount of space needed to hold them for transport. The only snag in the process was running out of flocking! 2 pieces to edge and centers to add bits to.

And there you have it.


  1. Looking good! I always liked the way that light covers worked for terrain.

  2. Very good work. Never thought of using covers, and all the broken bits I've thrown away over the years.