Saturday, January 8, 2011

VSF Battle Report

So after the holiday break we got the group going the other night with a warm up VSF battle. Still mastering the rules there were a lot of learning instances all around. So here is the opening sides:

On the left we see the forces of Kaptain Kneemo and allies vs the French Forces on the right side picture.  Walkers and Steam Tanks oh my! French were trying to secure the bridge and a bridgehead while Kneemo and allies were trying to pound them back from the bridge. There was a ford in the river to the left of the bridge.
Allied steam tanks and walkers on Kneemo's left seemed to have misplaced or under powered their opening rounds as they created a great deal of steam and smoke but did not manage to get any hits to slow down the copper advance, taking substantial casualties in return. On the right flank the mechnified troops advanced and coming into range of the french infantry proceeded to open fire and sent the first unit packing. Steam walker fire was also abysmal on this flank... sigh, have to recalibrate the weapons again! The French Steam Walkers thundered across the ford and into the mechnified troops, steadily pushing them back. Breaking one of the mechified units they fell back to ready another charge, but in order to cut losses a retreat was sounded. The Left flank was driven back and or eliminated as the French heavy tank crossed the bridge with the copper walkers support and took the farm, establishing their bridgehead.
And for those wanting a better look at Skrapwelders French steam walkers here you go. Im sure he will be posting some much better shots and info tid bits about construction somewhere.

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