Monday, January 3, 2011

Kaptain Kneemo's Venus Expeditionare Force Update

Finally, 5 companies of Ship's Marines are completed along with their 2 heavy support walkers:
Banners and bases to flock yet, but wanted to get a new post on the blog for the new year! The Shipboard Sailor company's are still being touched up but should be ready in the next couple of days to be followed by a complete layout of the TOE force with proper bases.


  1. Looking very fine Alfrik. It's going to be an even more impressive force with the sailors!

  2. Very exciting. Can't wait to see some AARs from this campaign.

    On a side note, would you mind if I included some of your work on Kaptain Kneemo in my fanzine, The Aethergraph? Shoot me an email at if you would, please.