Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steam Klank Robot

Thought to dig through the "extra figures box" of stuff that I have ordered now and then figures that, were either to large, to short or well, did not live up to the original picture once I had them in my hands. So, pulling out the kit bashing tools, I thought to create a new VSF robots of various types.
So a mageknight mech went under the xacto blade:
Fairly typical figure with lots of extra spiky bits, skull face and huge battle axe blade. Nice smoke stacks on the back, good joints and rivets. Torso is solid, a plus when getting a heat gun near them to attach new parts.
So, the skull face had to go to avoid Skeletor jokes and a few other comments on skull faces at our game club meets. Battle Axe blade was sent in for resmelting. Spikes on boots removed. New Cannon barrel mounted over the hugh cannon mount on its left hand. I prepared the upper top curve on the torso for a new head. The extra small arms in the center torso got trimmed for a machine gun barrel. I also hacked off the largest part of the fist to prepare for a new attachment.
New head attached with extended telescoping eye mounts. A large chain gun had the base scored up and hot glued to the former fist. Machine gun barrel mounted to the inner left small arm. I pretty satisfied with how its come along. Painting, hmm thinking staying with basic metal so it's not obviously with any faction, just a good generic Klank. Also have to change out the base!

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