Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Venusian Rifle

After some enquiries I shot a picture of a before and after assembly picture of my Venusian Rifle, made from a laser rifle and bolt pistol.
I just nipped a bit off the end of the rifle barrel and the end of the bolt pistol, then heated the end of the rifle barrel with the tip of the hot glue gun, then dab of glue and apply to the pistol grip. Paint it up and its done.
Not to much time per assembly, just in rounding up enough bits to do it.


  1. Good little conversion.
    What is the creature in the background..a venusian?

  2. It seems easy enough. I admire your skill at putting together such a nifty vsf force. Great rifle mod and good find on the starwars fig.

  3. Amanin Scout #46 The Force Unleashed Star Wars Miniatures for the basic Venusian soldier to be.

  4. Simple conversion but effective.