Friday, January 14, 2011

New Clash for Kneemo's Expeditionary Force

This evenings game pitted a British Force of Guards and Line Infantry units supported by 2 self propelled light cannons and an armored Hanson Cab sporting a Gatling weapon attempting to take an Inn. Skrapwelder commanded their right flank and Black Cavalier their left flank.  Their forces are pictured to the left.

The Kaptains forces were bolstered by some American allied forces, Marines, soldiers and sailor units. The Kaptains forces were a unit of line infantry and robot soldiers along with 2 steam walkers and a unit of Mechanified Infantry. The pictured forces did not necessarily start in the positions shown. Command of the Kneemo forces was Stanley and Alfrik.

Advancing with good speed and discipline the British quickly occupied the central hill and began rifle engagements. Their self propelled guns opened fire on the walkers, nearly taking them both out with their opening fire.
The hanson cab had a bit of a problem with its controls as it sped up the slope of the hill and rammed into the rocky out cropping, barely avoiding crashing down the other side.  Kneemo's forces deploy along the crest of the hill, with a machine gun emplaced in the upper floor of the INN. The Americans deployed down the slope of the hill and off into the woods beyond.  The walkers returned fire at the self propelled guns and smashed one into scrap metal. Rifle ranges were found to be a bit to long.

Pictured left is the overall positions of both sides as the firing commenced. A brigade of British troops came out of the woods in the bottom right of the picture and were met with a withering fire that disordered 2 of the 3 units. On the far side of the field in the trees behind the Innn the British Guards unit and the American Mariens exchanged fire for several rounds. The surviving self propeled gun slowly lumbered up to give fire support. In the upper right of the picture the Mechanified Infantry unit bounded in and fired down the flank of the Guards unit.

The battle enters a frenetic stage as the British regular infantry storm up to the INN. The Americans counter attack and enter into melee on both sides of the INN and the machine gun squad head down stairs and enter the fray, probably shooting from the hip.... The British are thrown back in rout. But, the self propelled gun enters the fray and the Americans behind the INN are broken and sent packing back. The Mechanified Infantry unit is converted to tin foil by the Hansoms cab gun fire, which Finally got working right... such a sad story for that cab...

Last picture shows the Steam Walkers standing their ground as their Regular Infantry and Robotic Infantry are sent back over the hill to regroup. The remnants of the British Brigade keep up some rifle fire but time runs out for them and they fail to take the Inn, though another turn or 2 would probably have see the capture.

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