Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Things Robotic

Having finished off the last robot unit for Kaptain Kneemo, I thought it time to rack up photo's of all of them here;

On the left are a couple of Mechnified Infantry in exoskeleton suits. Most all of the robotic units are from Mageknight figures. The MI did not want to convert very well with a head swap, the chest area was not going to smooth out well so I put in the metal shield plate to cover and give the driver a bit more cover from incoming fire.

On the Right are 2 Steam Walker Mark 1's, they have no human controllers, pack a lot of fire power and are considered expendable in a battle.
On the left is a Steam Walker Mark 2, with human operators. Better fire control and decision making capability. Still packs a good punch and makes good speed.

On the right are some Guard Bots, simple built, simple task robots. Light fast firing guns, light armor with moderate movement speed.
Mechanical Infantry Robots on the left, light weapon and melee weapons. Light weight armor due to the size of the power plant.

To the right is a similar version except it is more tightly sealed for submersible action.
Walker Light Tanks on the left. Light guns and flexible legs allow it to move through rugged ground faster than treaded vehicles.

To the right are smoke launcher robots. Shoulder mounted grenade launchers, and the smoke can obscure or be fatal types of gas. These are for the clearing out heavily defended infantry positions.

Lastly the Robotic Air Wing. Small rockets for punch and light rapid firing guns for close air support. Not suited for high altitude flying and long range, they still fill an important roll on the battlefield.


  1. Looks like you are ready to mount quite the offensive.

  2. Fabulous Walkers. I would like to place an order for 50 please :)

    It is obvious now that Rot Mahne industries is gearing up for a major "expidition"!

    Fabulous work Alfrik!