Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thought it was time to make up some exsplosion and fire counters for various purposes and uses in the assorted games:

So, here are the basic materials, metal bases, you can use washers, steel wool and hot glue gun. Pull the steel wool into shapeless tall columns and move to next step after all pieces are shaped. I did 8 columns for bases.

Hot glue a large ring around some of the base of the column to make sure its where you want it, rather than onto the metal base and hope the steel wool hits where you want it. If its not quiet where you want it after you press it to the metal base, stick the

Hot glue gun under the edge of the column and shoot some more in, and press the wool down. You end up a shapeless  column attached to the base. Next comes the spray painting.

First I sprayed white, very close over all of the wool columns. Let it dry. Paint was a bit drippy but it helps protect the smoke wool bits. Next on the right are the black spray paint. I started from overhead and then streaked it on the sides of the columns, making darker black areas on the top of the columns and lighter towards the bases. Touch up with black and white till your liking what your seeing. Finally you use an old beat up brush to slap lots of red here and there around areas of the bases and up a ways. Repeat immediatly with Yellow paint, over lap, just pat it on, do not try to work it around or it all turns orange, some orange is fine, but other wise you lose the red and yellow.
And here is my final work. Fast, looks decent and cost next to nothing from exsisting left over materials that were in my hobby stock.

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