Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mechanified Infantry Modifications

Took the standard Mage Knight Infantry Golems figure and decided to do some modifications to make him a bit more VSFish.  So, as was figures on the left, right out of the order box. Soooooo "clik" went the spikes on his feet, and then a tedious, slow, careful trimming of the romanesk skirt hanging in the front to be removed. Success! no figures lost a leg in the trimming and no blood shed!

Next the crossbow had to go, even with the shoulder drum to feed looked out of place. So enter the plastic and cut and trim, bit of glue and this picture shows the finished belt fed gun. I left the sword for close in work! Will work up a bronze over all color with unit highlights and probably unit number on a leg next. Well, one converted, 9 more to go....they just don't seem willing to convert themselves.

Here is a shot, if you click on the picture it will enlarge and show some of the gun detail better. Might put one more bit on the gun... maybe not.
Painting ahead.