Thursday, February 11, 2010

Battle of the Atlantean Ruins

Both Prussian and British forces having established their beach head bases dispatched patrols out to seek contact with any native habitations that might be nearby to initiate contact and begin studies. The terrain being very marsh like and hot lead to slow progress, till both sited what a first was thought to be a village or even small town but turned out to be a ruined temple of some past glory. Both the Prussian and British patrols raced to secure them.

The Race is on. British from a southerly approach, the Prussians from the north. Ruins with in grasp of both, literally a foot race.

Both sides occupy opposite ends of the ruins. Shouted commands to withdraw or "else" go unheeded. Orders go out that any further approach to the ruins by the Prussians and deadly force will be employed to secure them.

Heavy rifle fire sends the Prussian right flanking unit reeling back to the heavy jungle brush. The left flanking unit tries to return fire but seems to be in a state of confusion from the soggy ground they have tried to dig into. Fire continues back and forth but fate is against the British as 2 more units of Prussians arrive on the scene and press forward.

Fire on the both British Units becomes brutal as the Prussians find the range and shake out their lines. Alas the British have to fall back, into the arms of their late to arrive reinforcements.

The Prussians are strongly entrenched but are surprised by the unexpected speed of the British advance! Their ragged volley inflicts but one casualty! 2 light tanks fire but their ranging is off and merely add some tense moments at first.

Capt Klinq orders his men to resist to the death! One suspects that his troopers are from very outlying parts of Prussia as their continued rifle fire remains very ineffective encouraging the British to charge the ruins.

Getting the initative, my stalwart infantry charge across the open ground and into hand to hand melee with the dug in defenders. After a vicious round of melee, the Prussian position is penetrated and the melee spills into the trenches.

Not pictured is the demise of one of the supporting light tanks to the Prussian artillery after an exchange of fire left the vehicle pouring smoke and crew bailing out. The second tank pounded the extreme left portion of the Ruins, causing cumulative casualties.  The supporting infantry unit that was to move up and support the melee was cut to pieces from some really good shooting ... they got the range right or some such! Melee continued with the Prussians being forced slowly back, but attrition was to fail as another Prussian unit shifted out of their trenches and counter attacked, driving the valiant Brit unit back in disorder leaving the ruins in the hands of the Prussians. Surviving members of the British Infantry and last tank withdrew back to the beachhead.

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