Monday, February 22, 2010

Jungle Filler Placards Done

Quick note that I have ground out all the Jungle filler pieces I think I will need in the forseable future. Held myself to it for most of 3 days of hobby assembly time to get there:

Few of the pieces did not make it into the picture, just swept these onto the work mat and snapped the shot.


  1. Very nice work - planning on a man eating plant in one piece?

    The mix of plant types is great to see - compared to the normal 'one type only' clumps I have they give me something to aim for.

  2. I dug out samples of every type of plastic plant I had accumulated over the past year and started trimming and hot glueing them to make "bushes" instead of a leaf. When I had a small pile / assortment, thats when I grabbed a base and started arranging them, keeping in mind that I wanted 3 or 4 different types on each one. Small left over tiny leaves were then hot glued as single "new growth" coming up shoots around the edges.