Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Hot Glue Plant Bundles

Having found that tight gripping plastic plant bits to hot glue the bottoms so as to make short plants to mix in with the taller ones, I had a tendency to get the very short clusters to meet my finger tips with the hot glue gun on occasion. A loaf of bread gave me the answer with the twist tie that secured it.  So here I have on the left the As Purchased plant part, and on the right I have the twist tie wrapped tightly around it.
Severing the plant with Xacto knife we have the following result. The cut off piece goes into the bits box and the rest is ready for hot glueing. Care should be used as the plastic is very soft and putting muscle behind the cut can ruin the edge of the blade very quickly.  I leave the twist tie on till after its hot glued of course, using the tie to hold the piece for the glue gun.

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