Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jungle Vegetation

Working up some Jungle undergrowth for some of the various RPGs I do. So, pulled out the plastic leaf stock bin, base material, hot glue gun and off I went.
So here's the first stem of a plant-to-be. I did not want to use standard shaped plants, but some more large leaf types, which means reassembling some. Upper right in the picture is the original plastic leaf stem. Upper left is the disassembled leafs and a part of the stem hot glued to my assembly plate, a piece of metal. This makes it very easy to pop the finished piece off to put on the Jungle Foliage piece.

And repeat with the hot glue, dab of glue, push into place, next!
Large leaves on the bottom and work my way up, 3 fit per level without crowding and give a fairly "full" look to the plant.

Some of the leaves need a bit of support and breath of cooling air to set up faster and not droop. Picture on the right has the finished bush. I made up several at a time to then mix in with other types of plants.

Such as this one, a usual spread out ring of upright leaves that I have clipped the bottom of all of the leaves at the mounting ring while holding them tightly bundled with my fingers. After the bottom ring base was clipped off I Hot Glued the whole bottom area of the many stems to make it a tighter grouping of leaves, the height can be adjusted by trimming them shorter and hot gluing at that point. Next, combining a variety together.

Here are some sample finished pieces of basic assembly. A bit of dead leaf matter, some grass material, dried planter moss, to fill in here and there. And there you have it.


  1. They look great - maybe a bit of matt varnish to bring the shininess down a touch?

  2. Plan to use a matt spray on the lot of them now that they are all done.