Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pulp and VSF Reinforcements Arrive!

My Kapt Kneemo mech soldiers have arrived, 20 strong for his mechanical expeditionary force to explore dangerous lands. Plus the fellows who will be my Lava Men for Pellucidar style expeditions or Deep Underground Encounters:

The upper Left has the Lava Men to be, some highlighting, moving of arms to get some variety, might do some crumbled piles for casualties! Of course the bases are right out and replaced with metal bases, same for the other pictured forces. Upper right is the Infantry golems. Hmm steam powered bolt shooters and cleaving swords, meets most infantry needs, while the submersible golems become good under water or land troops who are not bothered by a water feature. Armed with a rifle type weapon and fists for melee. Have some more of both on the way from an order to bring them up to 50 Mechanical Infantry (20 Infantry, 10 submersible and 20 golem familiars), though might add some Whirling Golems also as Melee specialists.

Platoon of 30 Sailors to order yet to be crew/sailor/marines from Kapt Kneemo's  "Naughtforus" submersible ship.

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