Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wells Fargo Stagecoach and Bank Items

Stopped at a Wells Fargo mini museum and snapped photos of an actual stagecoach and other items of interest. First picture is the roll top desk and typical safe that would be found in the towns of some size. Below is a drawing of Sacramento circa 1860 or so, a regular boom town by then.

Next pictured below is a set of Leg Irons and a coach shotgun, double barrel muzzle loader.
The revolver did not have information listed about it nor the long stocked pistol the rifle style butt that is shown in the right of the picture. The party I was with were in a bit of a hurry and so I snapped madly and did not get to read all the placards about. Below are actual lock boxes that were used to transport money and other valuables. The rough handling they got is very apparent.

I did like the 20 dollar and 5 dollar gold pieces in the trays. Oil lamp and other typical bank documents in the picture below.

Next is the interior shot of the stagecoach. Not very large and your knees rested against the center cushions to help keep you from bouncing all over the interior. No doubt the dust colored everything pretty well on a long haul in the summer. I would guess the interior to be maybe 6 feet across and sat 3 across, tightly.

The wheels are about 5 feet in diameter. Debs stood in for a height comparison, she's 5'8" tall. There is a very simple suspension system that made my back side ache just looking at it and thinking about a 50 or 100 mile trip aboard this coach!

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