Monday, February 16, 2009

Western Town Items

Around my western town layout, buildings, sidewalks and an occasional wagon seemed rather drab. So a few rain barrels, water trough.. hmm

Led to tinkering with thoughts of what you see in movies. Backside and alongside buildings are stacks of crates, possibly loaded with merchandise or empty and not gotten rid of yet, and a very common item, the Wood Pile.

Beside 4 wheeled wagons is the economy model that those in need would use, though whether the horse or mule expired from the load or is off for feeding is not known at this time.

Every gold rush town will have something being built most of the time, whether new or repairing the saloon after the last gun battle. Coffee stir sticks supplied the materials for this carpenter set up, and leavings from some of my buildings. Tools are to valuable to leave lieing around. To many needy folk, "there ought ah be a law!" Bad footing to run thru, nails and the like, not to tidy a place.

Heavy construction supplies for the soon to be started Water Tower for the rail road. Left over resin casting bits, some square dowel chopped to length and a not to tidy piling of same. Definitely heavy cover, able to stop lead bullets thru sheer density. I have cross stacked timbers for rail road ties also, but not pictured.

Street Barricade, for when the town folk know the bad guys are a-coming! Barrels and crates plus odds and ends hastily thrown up into a barricade. Probably some are full of something, others are rolled and dragged in from trash piles to contribute to the common effort. Blocks line of sight if your hiding behind it. Probably Light cover, or a luck roll that a shot has to hit the dense spot.. you never really know.

Every ones hated job, cutting the fire wood. Besides the piles that every building needs to have for heating the wood burning stove and helping to put a bit of heat into the wooden buildings that have no form of insulation. Also explains why there are not usually any trees near a western town! Source of this was my oak tree in front of my house. Clipped off some tiny branching's and cut to length. I split some with an xacto blade... note if you allow oak branching's to dry out.. they are extremely hard to split. Natural color was left alone, and when people look closely they see growth rings!


  1. Hi just found your blog and, find it very informative. I noticed you are building a model jail and your wanted posters. I recently miniaturised a poster of Jolene blalock for one of my tanks. I used photoshop, will be more than happy to do you some wanted posters and email them to you. Just mail me back with the sizes.

    Happy modelling.

  2. I was looking for some ideas for extra bits around town to models cover and I see quite a few here.:-)