Friday, February 27, 2009

Where It all Takes Place

The door to my "Cargo Bay" hobby room. Standard door done up to be a bulkhead door. Seemed fitting that the entry way would not be just a wood door. My friend Thomas Foss did a fantastic job painting and staining it! Credit where credit is due.

Having a place to stage and leave things sit until I get back to them helps avoid ... boxing and forgetting them. In times past this cargo bay has been nearly impassable and other times tidy and neat, which is its current condition. Since retiring I have had the time to dig in, sort, separate and reorganize the entire bay. So here we have the materials side where most of my modeling supplies are stored till use. The closet in the room is also arrayed in shelves of unpainted figs, extra materials and the like. At times a large blunt object came in useful to chase stuff back into it when things got a bit out of hand. This weekend the bench top should be being changed from a table to under bench cabinets that a friend was getting rid of during the remodel of his house. To the right is the painting station and alternate modeling site. Seems time can really slip away when I am deep into working on things or painting... till my cat, Machiavelli jumps up onto my lap and announces its "feed me now! human" and to which I seem to instantly zombify and comply... they are taking over the world, I swear!

The wife insisted I had to picture them or they would find out and take Catvenge on me, so here they are Machiavelli (grey) and Nietzsche (jelico). Nietzsche jumps up onto anything or off anything leading to "that which does not kill her only servers to make her stronger" , during those times Machiavelli would watch, observe, make a cunning plan and do it faster and safer.

And there you have it.. sort of :)

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