Friday, February 27, 2009

High Forest Pines Update

I found it quite difficult to find a good angle to take a photo of my first completed tall pines placard. The small yellowish square in the near middle is the base of a 25mm cowboy figure to give scale to what I was trying to achieve with tall pines. I did not care for the Roco style Pine tree that could only soar up to 4 or 5 inches, which is similar to the cake decorating style of pine trees. Nor did I want the bottle brush tapered cone shape either, though those do fill in for some types of short pines which may find a few scattered in for variety which should add character to the feel of the forest rather than that of some sort of scrubbing device up ended on my table :)

In this shot, to the right, is one of the tallest trees, as shown by the ruler in the background it reaches just short of 17 inches which in 25mm should represent a bit over 100 feet high. This is not really tall for old pine growth but it certainly gives the feel of the tall woods. I have to put a bit more density of branching to the trunks to fill it out a bit better. Of course the Tramp Steamer Mk II is screaming at me from the Cargo Bay (my hobby workshop), but I will work on to finish the pine forest, now totaling 22 trees complete, 58 to go.

Here is a close up of the base with the same figure on it, hmm no forest fire recently so the ground litter is thick. All the lower branches are gone from wind, fires, and animals grazing. If there had been a recent forest fire, say 6 months prior, the ground would be mostly bare, an orangish brown color with charred branches and rocks showing. National forests that a heavily camped in typically have no ground litter as foot traffic and camp fire fuel picker uppers keep it fairly clear. My view is the more primordial forest before heavy development!
Finally at right, more Pine Trees awaiting final basing.

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