Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Store Under Construction

Took the plunge into making an all wood building out of coffee stir sticks lumber. As you can see in the picture I did an interior stud support leaving the interior in its basic open mode, as the shop owner will not have been in business long enough to afford the inside boarding. I did the lap siding in sections of 3 boards at a time. I have enough clips to do 10 sections at a time so it was easy to assemble plenty of sections. The wall sections also become the base for the shingle roof sections, with the grooves providing the base stop for the individual shingles... hmm I sense another "how to" article.. but for later.

With a Clip at each end to hold them, run a tiny bead of pva along the boards, if the bow apart, flip the board, if they Still will not lay flat another clip can be applied to the errant board, or toss and get another board. When dry, you can assemble them by lapping groups of 3 combined boards to each other with clips and glue, until the combining reaches the height of your desired wall. Fronts and back simply require that the piece is either cut from a full slab of bat and boarding or you can pre-trim the boards to the
desired length, then lap with clips and glue. The interior studs were added last. Pva glue on the
contact side of the Stud, place and 2 clips to hold it till dry.Windows and doors, dremel drill with a router bit, just pencil the openings and move the dremel along it. If a board pops off, a point of glue it back into place. For a finished look inside I would probably use card stock, say a 5"x8", cut and glue in place before I stand the walls together to glue in place.
The flooring is glued to a flooring joist, I glued and clipped to it as I went down the length of the flooring joist. after the first one dried with all the planks on it, the others joists had one edge glued and positioned, then placed on a flat surface, flooring up, wax paper placed over then a book put on it to press all the flooring down to the joists. Let dry for several hours, though you could speed the process with contact cement, but then be sure there is wax paper UNDER the joists as it may squish out and down to glue it to your drying surface.. not a good thing. I have to construct the front Marquee rectangle that will be over the door front, put is some shelves and a counter.

The roofing is assembled but here its just propped in place to give a view of what it will look like in the final setting. I'm thinking I could either, leave the building out in the sun to darken naturally or stain it... A year of weathering would make it a nice grey color, but as the store prospered the owner might paint it with a stain color... hmmm decisions decisions.

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