Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Easy Tumbleweeds

I have tried a lot of different materials to make tumble weeds, most turned out not very well till I tried a packing material usually called Horse Hair Packing. To the right is a small piece I pulled off the main section, to the left is what it looks like after you simply roll a piece around between your hands. Next I put a pin through it into wax paper on cardboard to hold it in place, diluted pva glue, dry and then spray with a light tan. When its dry, flip and spray the other side. Though those pictured are not painted. For games I scatter them about, pick them up when done.


  1. Thank you

    I did not mean the comment on TMP as a chalenge but glad you came up with a solution

  2. I've had the tumbleweeds for several years, just took the comment as a post idea is all :) I am slowly moving thru my various western collection and making posts for them now that I broke down and started a blog.