Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where It All Happens Update

My hobby room, typically refereed to as the Cargo Bay has been updated. A friend bought a house and removed the base cabinets from two rooms which he as glad to donate and get rid of. After cleaning and a flat black spray coat, the 3 cabinets look more uniform, to to mention, 1 had been White, Med Brown and Dark Brown. So the assembly to the left took on new dimensions as the table bench it had been with Tote's for storage underneath became Bench top work area and cabinet bulk item storage area. All the finished terrain was reorganized by period into the totes and stored in the garage game area. I was really pleased with the increased separation and storage options this gave me.

Followed by a couple of hours sorting mix materials that had crept into the wrong plastic storage containers. Invariably I did toss a lot of older scenic proof of concept pieces. And there is no proof that anyone died in the completion of this rework!

About time to go through the zillion old figures stored in the multi drawers pictured to the right. Wooooh, Petal Throne Muglavians to paint! Enough for a Fantasy Rules army too! *scribbles note on the to do list*

And there you have it.

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