Sunday, July 1, 2012

Objective Markers Two

First coat of paint, changes its appearance, weathering, rust and stains to go.

Here's another armored exoskeleton that I have decided to start conversion on, first step:

Figure on the right is the orignal exoskelton, the figure on the left is a conversion done by Pappa Midnight found on the Lead Adventure Forums VSF board.

What I did with an exacto blade so far:

The whirly blade is going to be replaced by a gun of some sort and the combat fist replaced with a different gripping claw set.


  1. fun stuff!

    More objectives to search to find nothing ;)

  2. Bah, that Relic we having been competing to find is out there SOMEWHERE!!

  3. Oh, and when its found, it will probably weight over a ton..............