Thursday, July 5, 2012

Exo Skeleton walker moving along.....

With the immanent arrival of the Pirate Fest Camp out this coming weekend I moved my modeling into higher gear to get more done on the Exo Skeleton model.

So now the dwarf is carved away from the back engine mount. The legs, arms and hands are readjusted. Attaching the new rider was not to hard with some hot glue to tack him in place and then krazy glue to help lock him on board.

So, with the first 2 exo skeleton figures having metal fists I thought to change things up and liberated this Claw, reworked the should board and got it ready for installation. Besides being able to smack things, the 2 pincers should give more crushing strength!

Here's the tacked into position figure. Detailing to be added to the arms, and the back between the boiler and the leg / seat support.


  1. I saw a similar conversion on LAF and was thinking that I could do something like this.


  2. I really appreciate the step by step on this.

  3. Here's the step by step on LAF by Poppa Midnight

  4. Alfrik- I am really liking this guy. Time to start considering counter cavalry to meet your forces