Friday, July 27, 2012

God Squad, EOTD new faction for me

So we had a round robin competition in Empire of the Dead, in which I ran a gentleman's club faction. In it I had the President and Secretary using exo skeleton walkers carrying Gatling gun and assorted smaller weapons as the mainstay of their power. Having selected fire power I discovered very quickly that their max 4 inch per turn movement vs the need for speed in most every scenario proved to be a great hindrance. Add to that the fact that if the opponent was a melee orientated force that used cover, I could only get off a couple of shots before being locked in melee.

On to a new faction for the next round robin.............the God Squad..... a Holy Order faction the first of which is the Sisters of Order of the Rulers..

Here are the 4 that will have the President and future VP and 2 members being worked up. Going with a Red and White color scheme with polished metal for armor bits and weapons, though 2 of them will sport hunting rifles in all likelihood.

Also in the works are the Knight Marshall who is an angelic figure with wings, as he has Flight for free and 2........minions from the kitchen to do the .... distasteful lugging and scutt work.........

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  1. More progress on your new team than I've made on mine! (Read: haven't started), fun stuff! The on with the axe is a great candidate for a weapon-swap conversion.. I'm thinking a mighty yard stick: thwak!