Sunday, April 10, 2011

VSF Battle Report, Year 2, Turn 3

The Belgians continued to pound the Ottoman lands in another push to break their military power.

Initial deployment on the Left. On the right we see the Tribal Elite Guards unit that defied the Belgian massed efforts to secure their left flank and clear the hill of Tribals.
Left is a view of the Belgian Right flank. The "Heavy Walker" alligator with howdah attacked into the Belgian line and crushed a Walker Vehicle!
The Tribal Elite Guard unit still holding up, but their doom is approaching, in the lower right of the picture is a unit of Heavy Infantry that finally got to the top of the hill and fired down the flank of the Tribal unit as shown in the right side picture.

Poor communications and some bad ammunition caused the Belgian force to slog along slowly and expend effort with their rifles for no return. In the end, the attrition of the Tribal units caused them to flee the field.

(Translation of the above in game terms: The Belgians failed many many command rolls to get units to move and then threw very poorly on firing rolls to inflict casualties.. Bad Dice ruled his day..)

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  1. Great to see the Croc taking the field again! Poor Belgians.