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Weapon Max Range                            Shooting RANGES                           Throw RANGE

Pistol            12                         0-6   7-12   13-24    25-36    37-48             0-6    7-12

Shotgun         24                          8       7         6             5           4                   7        6

Rifle              36

Big Game Gun 48                                    Target or Shooter is:      Soft Cover -1 (shot gun ignores SC)

Blow Gun         12                              Walking -1                         Hard Cover -2

Bow                 16                                Running -2

Whip                 2                                  Evasive Run -3

Hit Location and Result                      HEAD             BODY      ARM                            LEG

1 Head                                            1-2 Dead          1 Dead       1-3 Severe Wd(-2)       1-3 Sv Wd (-4)

2-4 Body                                       3 Severe Wd     2-3 Sv Wd   4-5 Lt Wd (-1)            4-5 Lt Wd(-2)

5 Arm                                            4-5 Light Wd      4-5 Lt Wd    6 Scratch                   6 Scratch

6 Leg                                              6 Scratch               6 Scratch

Bullet, arrow, dart = No modifier

Lg Claws, Lg Teeth, Sword, Knife, Ray Gun = +1 to Damage roll

Claws, Teeth , Whip -11 to Damage Roll

Target is a Flunky -1 to Damage Roll

Poison 7 (does light wound on 7 or less for 3 rounds)

Dead = Figure is dead, gone, kaput

2 Severe Wds = KIA,  Out of action, roll after battle, recovers with future Penalty

2 Light wounds = 1 severe wound (Sv Wd)

Flunky  Moral                   3D6 D6

Situation            PASS      FAIL             Run Away              Go to Cover/Prone          Laugh at it!

Fired At              3-12         13-18              6                            4-5                                1-3

Light Wd              3-9          10-18             6-5                         3-4                                1-2

Severe Wd           3-6           7-18              4-6                          2-3                                  1


1. Roll Imitative, 3D6, high roll wins Above +2, Prone -2, Flank +2, Behind +4,Each add+2

2. High roller is the Attacker, this Round only, Both Roll 1 D10, Attacker Higher = Hit

3. If Hit scored, consult Hit Location and Result Table

4. If No hit, or you do not kill / Stun opponent, roll again 1 D10 and reverse attack /defender

5. If Hit scored, consult Hit Location and Result Table

Classes of Adventurers

Explorer Is armed with a pistol and Whip(2 attacks) Spot 7 (12”), SEARCH 7

Spy Knives, Pistol, Hide 7. Spot 7(12”)

Big Game Hunter Big Game Rifle 8, Big Game to hit 9 with -1 to damage roll at 12”+, Spot 9 (18”)

Officer Pistol, Sword, or shot gun and sword Spot 6, Search 4

Bungler Pistol (6) Trip/Find 8- Orate 9+ (loose move turn)(causes -1 to hit rolls 9”)

Spark Ray Gun (4D10 range..varies by turn, roll when fires), Search 6,

Courtesan Spot 7 (12”)pistol 5,Can remove one Lt Wd if both remain stationary and not fight. Only 1 Lt wd per character can ever be removed.

Flunky Rifle, No Spot, No search, No know, +2 on Shoot to Hit rolls, -1 to move, Spot 6

Sidekick Rifle or shotgun, pistol, Look Out Sir! (if with in an inch can take a hit meant for the primary character instead.) Can be performed after character would normally be hit. (Those selfless sacrifice type of guys!) Spot 7

Each player can have up to 3 characters and 2 Flunky’s. They can have fewer characters and make up the difference with more Flunky’s. Sidekicks are possible for Explorer’s, Big Game Hunter’s, Officers and Sparks. Bring extra figure, die roll before game starts to see if you have one for one of the mentioned classes, Sidekick replaces a Flunky.

Movement is 6+D6 per turn. Figures have a 180 degree frontal view.

Walking is 4” or less. Turning in place is same as stationary. Moving Evasively reduces run speed by -3 but makes you harder to hit.(harder to fire also…) Once every other turn you can RUSH if not encumbered, gains double run distance rolled, must move all or end in cover. Cannot be encumbered.

Jungle patch is D3 penalty in distance(1=2 inches per to cross, 2 = 4, 3 =6 inches). Waterways are 4x’s

To search a encounter patch you must move thru the patch then roll to search, it does not conceal you while you search. Large Encounter patch can only have 1 group in the middle of it to make search rolls. Search Rolls cannot be made if you are being fired at.

Carrying Booty or prisoners / wounded reduces movement by -2, and all of these cause you to be Encumbered.

Firing at an enemy group. Over 6 inches, should you get a Hit when shooting, the Hit is assigned randomly (by die roll) to a single figure in the group. If multiple hits are scored, all are randomized, even if this means one character or flunky ended up getting multiple times. Devilishly hard to recognize people at range! (Hence having flunkies to help absorb hits….) Under 6 inches, Characters only may select fire. Melee is base to base.

Search: Roll to find treasure at marked Areas, Spot Roll: See hidden people or creatures, Trip Find happens when ever party is at encounter marker. Anything that requires any other type of check will be based on the highest stat the character/flunky has. (command number etc.) Flunky has Skill 6 for this.

Creatures attack from hiding by chagrining out! 4D10. Those in open that become aggressive move 2D10 first move then 4D10! You get to learn aggro ranges the hard way!

Anything not covered here will be adjudicated and recorded/implemented by the GM during the game if needed!

Review the article at ARMORED INK on Vegetation of VENUS ! REALLY!!!! Your group is of course On Venus! The Wilds are dangerous, mostly Unexplored, No Native guides!

Article about the game to be played at :
the Group is open to anyone that is interested.

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