Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cytheria Campaign Update

Time for a Map!
Red (left) British, Light Blue US Expeditionary Forces, Yellow is Kaptain Kneemo, Purple is Western US Empire, Blue is French, Light Green is Swedish Forces, Red (right) is Belgians, above the Belgians are the Ottomans.

With much of the expansion finished the main actions have been the clashes between the Ottomans and Belgians. But now war has broken out on the west coast area as the British drive a force into the US Expeditionary lands in an apparent effort to sever the outlying lands from their capital in a move to reduce their revenues and suffer their farthest banners losses to the winter retreat!

In the most recent British effort:

The British are at the far end of the field, only slowly realizing they face a superior sized force. With US scouting forces threatening their flank, they form a Rourke's Drift defense on their extreme right flank.

The British Spark Charges with his Walker! Into a hail of fire. DISASTER befalls the walker the the plucky Spark manges to bail out of the brewed up wreck and attack with his arcane implement of destruction, putting the Marines Company to rout.

On the US extreme right an Artillery battery finally gets to position and deploys, laying volleys of shell into the flanks of the Hessian Mercenaries on the British right. Some are sent fleeing, others are mowed down in windrows.

The setting of the sun through the dense cloud cover brought a close to the battle, leaving it a draw with both sides leaving the field. Lady luck and fate had her way with the British early on with their command activation rolls and with the US firing rolls. The British were slow to get moving and the US were poor shots for the most part.

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