Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cytheran Battle Report Belgians vs Ottomans

I'm adding pictures to Skrapwelders battle report which I am shamelessly lifting in Toto from our Yahoo Group, as I was to "not there" due to meds that left me unable to concentrate much on the battle to follow who was doing what to where.

Ibrahim Sinusi reporting for the Terc├╝man-i Ahval gives us the following report from the wild lands of Venus.

Several hours prior to darkness falling in the Cytherean jungle, this reporter witnessed the first of what may be many armed encounters. This battle saw the Ottoman Empire defending its allies from the Belgian aggression.

The Belgian force slightly outnumbered the Ottomans but had no cavalry and ended up being out scouted by the Turks. This would allow Turkish cavalry and flier units to enter from the extreme flanks later in the game.

The Belgian formed up with their main force of infantry in the center supported by two mechanical walkers. On their left flank were two units of Zulu askari and on their right were a tank supported by infantry and a battery of Gatling guns positioned on a hill. Several notables of the Belgian army were in attendance including their madboy spark who would later make a definite impression on the Turkish forces. In reserve as a rearguard were two units of infantry.

The Ottomans arrayed there regular infantry battalion of Turkish and Hungarian regulars in the center. On their right was a battery of heat ray cannon, one of several new technologies that the exploration of Venus and Mars has brought to the Ottoman Empire. On the left flank was a large force of the Newt nation allied to the Empire as well as the strange space faring, and reportedly clairvoyant allies known as the Kuiper Bedouins. Running around on the Belgian flanks were two units of light cavalry and a pair of the new liftwood augmented, flying carpets armed with black smoke projectors.

The battle, while fierce in parts ended in a draw with neither force reaching any break points. The setting sun and made further fighting impossible and both forces withdrew to lick their wounds and contemplate revenge.

Highlights of the battle included:
A disastrous misfire by one of the heat ray cannon. Fusing it into a solid lump of uncompromising inertia.
A bold strike by the Ottoman cavalry that decimated the Belgian artillery and sent one of its infantry units in flight.
The vengeful onslaught upon the Ottoman lancers from the Belgian spark that left only a large crater where once a regiment stood. The spark even managed to survive without blowing himself to bits.

Both sides withdrew from the area, but as there is still an Ottoman allied settlement in the vicinity the map hex remains in Ottoman Ally control.

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