Friday, April 15, 2011

Lower Ughawa Swamp Exploration Game

In the Lower Ughawa Swamp 3 powers vied for the vast treasures rumored by natives to be found there. Belgians, French and British expeditions were launched into the steamy, bog poxed morass of vegetation and creatures that consider humans to be in their food chain.
British force, led by Allon Quartermane, the intrepid hunter enter from the left. The French forces led by Andre d'Apertif led his companions in the the top edge. The Belgians entered from the right side.
The French pushed in after dispatching a mobile carnivorous plant and spotted the fabled temple.... and its guardian creature! Though the Gigantic Wurm did not move to attack the French commander Andre had his tiny command form line and open fire! .... To little effect, mainly sending lead bullets off into the distance...
The wurm became enraged and charged.

Quatermane led his rather inept military officer, Jones, Jones sycophantic follower, and 2 others forward. Spotting a large shambling creature, he took aim, fired and took most of its head clean off for a fast kill. Exhilarated by the ease of the kill they crashed through the brush, headless of any danger... only to have Jones brush up against Itchy Thorn Brush, and breaking out in a horrendous rash that plagued him the rest of the trip. Then when they thought they would get trophies from the downed beast they found that another had beat them to it and was prepared to keep the carcass.  The fighting with the giant croc was hand to hand!
The French slowly were getting eaten by the Gigantic Wurm! Till the last man standing Andre was inspired to his own rage as the wurm swallowed Colonel Jean-Louis whole! Out of pistol ammo he hurled the empty gun at the wurm, who near death, swallowed the gun, choked and fell over. Andre carried the unconscious soldier of the party out of the muck and got him hidden in some heavy bushes that overlooked the approach to the temple platform, having retrieved a rifle from a fallen comrade.

The Belgians were in lock step;  3 paces! Creature at front right! 2 volleys should do the job! 10 Paces forward, Front Left, 2 Volleys! and they slowly worked their way in.

The British approached the temple platform Quartermane and a soldier climbed up and examined the golden skull. Quartermane instructed his man to take the skull and he would cover him with his hunting rifle. Skull was lifted and poisoned darts flew everywhere. Quartermane avoided the darts easily as he and his man turned and flet the steps... when his man said "here, take the skull Im feeling a bit odd.. especially when a second dart took him in the ear, killing him instantly.

As Quartermane fled down the steps, he came into view of Andre who fired at him, wounding him unto unconsciousness! All his party was wounded but traded fire with Andre, neither side scoring any telling hits. As inept as his assigned politician was, he did order the remaining soldier to carry Quartermane to safety, while firing over his shoulder to cover their hasty retreat. Not to hasty to stop and grab a valuable helmet from the much of the Jungle floor though!

Here the Belgians are approaching the temple mount.. The vase on the ground had been dropped.. alas and broken. The sole standing Frenchman, Andrea is in the background, whom decided to recover his wounded comrade and make the best time back to their base camp. Wounded, carrying his fellow soldier, he was unable  to carry any valuables off.
The British party political leader created quite a bit of noise while berating the soldier to move faster.. while he carried Quartermane and all the loot, listening to his leader complain about his wet socks, lack of a proper newsman to properly record his exploits.

The Belgians carried off their loots with out a loss, while the French were decimated. The British scored the most loot at the end.

The Game situation had markers for creatures to be revealed when players got with in 12" of them. The creatures had varying ranges at which they would attack players with some having really short ranges. Players typically decided to fire at anything they saw.

3 spots were marked by the GM as to having definite light loot, but other spots were marked with copper beads, that a die roll would reveal to be Junk, or some sort of Heavy pottery or a small statue that would then have to be lugged around and also required that they gather several in order to "sell them off later for game monies". Of course they were heavy and slowed their rate of movement..

The game played out in about 2.5 hours. A lot of close calls, some deaths, great shots, lousy die rolls rounded out the over all encounter!


  1. Enchanting scenary! which rules were you using?

  2. Rules that we used are posted a bit further down on my blog here. I drew them up in about an hour, based on having written all sorts of rules or the past near 50 years.

  3. I'll sure have a look, thanks!!