Monday, April 4, 2011

Large Swamp Sections for Venus

So... Gee, my swamp sections for Venus were, "a bit small".... So broke out the materials kit and got to work;
Here's the basic pieces cut smeared with Kel Seal to smooth them out some, I was out of the usual plastic sheeting I normally would use. Sprayed blue, the shots of dark blue and green. Finished with a medium brown sprayed around the edge where the "grass" would end and the muck begin. Relatively easy, shaped the plastic is under 5 minutes, Kel Seal smeared with a wide stick and left to dry for 4 hours. Came back, spray colors were about 5 minutes as I did not wait for colors to dry, just shot them on top of each other , let them blend a bit.

Problem with a large piece like these, that are roughly 3 feet by 2 feet is that stands of troops will have to be placed on them of course so I didn't want to load them up with lots of swampy growth. In fact I may have to remove those I put on, and remount them on smaller pieces to be scattered about on the large piece, as I do with my Jungle Filler bits. Hmmmmm already thinking of how to...


  1. I have put a fair number of jungle bits on washers. magnetic for easy transport, small and easily moved out of the way for play, but still a decent visual addition.

  2. By the by, where did you get those lilypads?

  3. Lily pads are made from a plastic flower with those shape leaves. I cut them off and then hot glued them down with a slight overlap. The flowers are from other left over flower bits :)