Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water Feature Test

Okay, been busy getting ready for Kubla Con, but here is my first water test using Kel Seal smeared on felt. I layered it on then simply Patted the surface with the spreading tool, let dry and then hit with a dark blue wash to bring out features.

Here's Dusty doing that Walk on Water routine that gets him free drinks... As this is a test piece not intended for use, I just had at it. Next will be to use some sort of tool to Touch the KS and lift in small "waves" and ripples. This would probably be a good application around Piers and rocks at the sea shore though, maybe a hit of flotsam bobbing about. Last is a shot of the piece from a distance, choice of color, maybe a light green for choppy bay water or light blue around rapids?

Bit more follows after reading some comments about this water feature with another picture to show a bit more detail of the test piece (note, this is only on a scrap of felt, not planned for use in an actual miniature setting, experimental throw away) In the picture below you can see that the KS does tend to curl up the edge of the felt a bit as it dries and contracts across the surface, I will try doing a smear on the "back" first and let it dry to preset, hopefully, a curl of the top finish side to be downwards.

Now a different try of lapping wavelets done with a short stick. I had to put on more than typical amount of the KS to make for a thick enough surface for the long edge of the stylus stick to catch, move and lift the KS. I left it to dry as you see it. Will take more practice and on a larger area to work out a beach wave piece. Figure to break out the model railroad scenic books I have and study up on it.