Thursday, May 21, 2009

Building Rubble Update

Large Building Rubble continues with the following pictures; first is a nasty piece of plastic base that used to be under a hill and was covered to a paint pallet for awhile among other incarnations of usage.

So, on to setting up a few miss cast wall sections that were visited with a couple pairs of pliers. Hot glue secured the walls to the base. Other chunks of broken wall section were applied with what I will call the Chip and Dip method. Having a small container of Light Weight Wall Spackle, I stirred it up to make it almost like liquid, then would take a broken section of wall, scope out some of the soupy wall hole filler and press it down onto the base piece. This would work to secure the piece to the base and the excess oozed out so I could tamp it down a bit to prevent to many voids in the over all first application of rubble.

This was left to dry while working on the other 3 bases of rubble. I did try to keep excess of the wall filler from getting up on the brick walls, though I did press it down into the base of the wall if there were any gaps. The actual surface of the plastic was none to smooth with all the accumulated "stuff" over the years. A few bits of roof section are scattered about but miscast roof stuff was in short supply.

Here is the piece with a coat of flat brown sprayed on it to give a chance at avoiding the dread white bits showing.. I held the spray can close to the piece and blasted it in, while standing outside with a light breeze to dissipate the over spray. I slowly rotated the piece and shot the paint in at every angle I could obtain.

Next was the use of Spray Tack Adhesive that I sprayed CAREFULLY on the non wall sections so to provide the glue I needed when I sprinkled the bricks down on. Time constraints are such that I don't have time to do a second layer before the convention, but onwards.

Basic scatter of bricks show well across the front base of the door at right. Color of brick red on the walls and fallen sections as well as on loose bricks. Still have to get door and window frame colors on as well as adding fallen beams and such, which also will have to wait till after the Con.
Final shot is of the Interior. Lots of ground clutter to give it the fallen in look. As mentioned, have to add in some balsa wood beams sticking out here and there to give more 3D look.
More later!

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