Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Brick Making Material

Been there, done that, Brick punching out of heavy card stock or thin solid cardboard...then try to paint the single bricks on the rubble especially the Sides of the bricks so after they were punched and placed they did not show white edges....very unbrick like. So:

Came across this material at the Jo Ann's Craft Store:

Foamies, 2mm thick sheet. So getting out the rectangle Fiskers hole punch you start punching out brick, SAVE all the left over lace work of left overs to chop up into smaller odd bits of broken brick rubble to add in first, then scatter bricks. Note the brick colored material.. hint hint, no painting the rubble....
The thickness of the pliable foam works well, this is not Styrofoam, but spongy. I put a couple of the "bricks" on the base Dusty is on.. with his new black boots courtesy of my cat knocking over a black wash bottle... If i paint exterior of any standing brick wall sections, then I paint it on the face of the foam, then punch the bricks when its dry, and presto, rubble bricks occasionally showing the Exterior building color, or the use of "distressed" recycled bricks that collapsed brick piles sometimes show a multitude of colors.

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