Monday, May 25, 2009

Quick and Easy Road Side weeds

Thought that the road sides and rock walls that adorned many of them were a bit bland, so pulling out a supply of home created Popsicle sticks, removed the ice cream my self through long dint of effort.... I cut and rounded the cut ends to supply a quick mass of "bases" for them. Basically only on problem arose, they are very light, but since they don't provide significant benefit to the class of terrain called Light Cover.. they work fine. A quick coat of green paint and I was ready to start flocking with grass material  and applying small brush. First a coat of standard turf flock, left to dry for couple of hours in the sun, then laid on a string of white glue, pressed the stick down into mixed small coarse turf, flipped over, let dry and then diluted pva to really help it stay. Not satisfied with just these I pulled some Clump Foliage out and carefully tore some stand up pieces and glued them down. So overall they make great bits to add to the side of old barns, around a stone wall, side of the road, base of a water tower, or scattered in fields to add a bit of eye catching / flat green field breaking flora.
And here are some of the torn foliage, thinking of sticking some small bits of red on them to make flower shrubs for in front of houses, around gardens and such. Tallest pictured in the last one are only about 20mm high, most at about 12mm. I'll try to add a couple of pictures with figures and buildings.

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  1. Good idea with the lolly sticks (as we call them). Might try that for my hedging!