Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kubla Con Report, of sorts

SO Kubla Con 5 game VSF campaign was a huge success with awesome terrain and miniatures painted up in colonial glory. Some pictures of the people and games follow in no special order. So here is Skrapwelder peering down on the doings of mere mortals. To the right is a shell shocked Alfrik near the end of the fifth battle on day three. Was I ever done in...

Center of the town in the 3rd battle. The factory in the lower left is a munitions plant, no one wanted to stick around and defend it with all the high explosive rounds going off..

Rod, Roderick and Foss1066 pictured here. Rod was so moved by the game he was writing really good and appropriate Haiku poetry to give progress reports! I hope that Skrapwelder hung on to some of them.

Prussian Horde attack! Entering from the right and moving left they quickly entered the edge of the town and began house to house fighting.

A view down the main street of the town to show the buildings and scenic bits as well as the road.

In another article I cover the speed painting of brick walls that I use. Oh and did I mention a captive T-Rex got Uncaptived? All infantry advance on both sides screeched to a halt. Volleys of lead bullets would not overcome what the Snauser would do!

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