Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Building Rubble

Start of a new project, classed: "In the Hurry and Get It Done for the Convention Game" mode. So here are the first pieces of building rubble, damage markers for the buildings as they take damage but are not destroyed situations. I thought about and will probably still take some of the plastic bases and build piles of Light Weight Patch And Paint hole filler and then glue loose bricks to them, but for now, onwards. These are currently drying before I apply a liberal coat of cat litter mixed with white glue over it all. The final coating will be bricks that I have used my rectangular hole puncher to mass produce...albeit taking breaks to avoid hand cramps... The bricks are punched out of file folder card board thickness paper. Miss punches of partial bricks was intentional to add more "rubble" look.

Dusty is filling in for the comparison shot, as usual, though he is on a really cheap retainer. So here is a sample of the bazillion bricks I punched. Usually I do thicker cardboard to give a better 3d effect to them but since I did not intend to actually build any walls, these will do nicely.

Roughed in bases with broken pieces of some of Arnica western building miscast scraps I bummed off of Skrapwelder, and then used pliers to break up and glue down along with globs of Kittie litter and white glue. I allowed them to dry only about an hour, I am in the hurry up mode after all. I did not have much in the way of brick wall sections at the time to break up so the lap siding got smeared with the globs to hide them somewhat. I Liberally sprayed them on the stick they were photographed on and then slid them onto a large sheet of white paper as show next. The liberal spray did 2 things, first to make sure that the background color got into the nooks and crannies and provide the basic stick em for the first coating of paper card stock bricks to be sprinkled on by finger pinch loads, for better placement.

First scattering of bricks accomplished. The loose bricks that missed the wet bases was easily collected back up into the holding hopper. That done, I then sprayed from on high, letting the spray paint mist down before moving in closer to soak the bases again. A few of the bricks flipped off, but this is the first layer of bricks and I did not worry about that. I repeated the process as the holding spray coat now became the application of the second brick sprinkle coat, though it was applied mainly in areas where there were not enough brick coverage to satisfy me.
Okay, last shot of completed stands, before painting. I have them sitting outside in the sun, for probably most of the day to let the 90 degree weather bake them dry, through and through. This shows a pretty good scatter of bricks over the assorted pieces. Finally, I'll be painting on them this afternoon.

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