Thursday, January 26, 2012

Underground Update

Finished sheathing all the foam blocks for the varied office levels of the underground complex with Foam Core art board. Hot glue and Caulking for the win! Next was the priming of the foam board surfaces with water based paint to avoid the warping if you use spray can paint with solvents.

28mm soldiers added for scale comparison. Wall fixtures, pipes, valves and the like are next, though finding a source of Pipe Elbows is proving to be a bit of a bother... The building blocks are separate from the under board so they can be re arranged for multiple uses rather than a fixed board. 

Sea Foam green for the office walls, some of the lower parts of the blocks will get the rock texture applied from the blasting to create the "underground" complex. Floors to be concrete or maybe some lino like for the office areas.

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